A work of high-fantasy slapstick humour, set in the age of chivalry
A poetic polemic on pacifism

February 2023

George MacDonald's universalist redemption fantasy.
Chivalry extends beyond those sacrificial deeds done in the light. Rather, true chivalry first requires a pure heart.

January 2023

A modern classic with a culturally-rich perspective on the history of temptation and the folly of man through the ages.
Biblical perspective for Christian's living right side up in an upside down world.

December 2022

A collection Tolkien's charming (and fully illustrated) letters to his children.
Richard Adams' modern classic is wonderfully interlaced with folklore and a deep mythology.

November 2022

A reminder that it is only a modern accident which has rendered “fairy tales” as being fit for children.
Thinking Biblically about Remembrance Day and our future hope
How Ancient Roman and Greek Literature has been used for Christ.

October 2022

What a Biblically-tethered gothic masterpiece can teach us about unchecked sin in our lives.